Animal Fires gets nod for best of 2014 Eirik Vandal Recommends

#3 “If you like your metal weird, schizophrenic, slightly deranged and all kinds of over the top progressive, then you´ll probably love this album from Human Services, a weird witches brew of different styles of metal interspersed with elements of all kinds of experimental avant-garde weirdness. An acquired taste I guess you could say.”

Ripple Music’s SweedeBeast Top Ten

#6 ” – Just as their self-titled debut did, ‘Animal Fires’ grabbed me by the balls immediately. One of the most original and great outfits out there at the moment.”


DID YOU KNOW: We are recording a COLLABORATION album with other local musicians starting early January. If you or someone you know are interested in joining us at Adept Audio Lab for a recording session, hit us up for more info.


We have a special surprise for you today with a brand new installment in the continuing Adult Human Re-Education Resource Seminar series. Equip headphones, turn off lights, disrobe yourself and please enjoy Lesson 3: Slumber Lab Examination.