Out of the military industrial wasteland known as Hampton Roads Virginia, Human Services was formed.

Its members, long-time veterans of various local music scenes, (Sean Sanford – No-Fi/Anus Grin, Jeff Liscombe – No-Fi/Lunch, Billy Kurilko – Sprawl, Donald Hart – theminusmen, Steve Kerchner -Palkoski/LORD) bring together a wide range of musical influence–and personality disorders–leaving you to wonder what they’ll do next. With songs that range from guitar-driven hooks to accordion-based laments, Human Services incorporates a wide array of instruments and styles not often found together.

Human Services’ live show is high energy, featuring improvisation and crowd participation, often inciting frenzied responses to their beautifully sculptured chaos. Their recording efforts, spearheaded by Sean Sanford of Adept Audio, often include unconventional processes and a DIY ethic, opting to capture a moment in time, rather than adhering to a more traditional approach to song writing and recording.

Human Services have been featured in places such as 757ezine, Soundcheck TV, WHRO’s ALTradio, and have won best scoring for the Hampton Roads 48hr film festival 2014

Instruments used but not limited to:
Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Organ, Accordion, Mandolin, Banjo, Hammered Dulcimer, Trumpet, Violin, Viola, Harmonica, Tin Whistle, Kalimba, Barrel, Tanks, Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Mellophone, Ocarina, Drum Kit, Congas, Djembe, Didgeridoo, Samplers, various Analog Noise Devices, Synthesizers